Ibri Again

After almost two months of running, biking and generally enjoying the colors and sounds of rural Canada I am off to my remote dessert setting of Oman for 6 weeks training in the sun. The last couple of days have been a bit wet and chilly so I am actually looking forward to heading to a warmer place for a few weeks.

When I first arrived in Ibri I was shocked at the barren, dull landscape and hated every minute, longing for the day to leave. However, having lived and travelled in some fairly desolate places before I managed to survive.  In fact, I now like the place and the people who live there. I guess that with a positive attitude, people can find good in every situation.

This afternoon, I begin my long journey to Ibri again and will be there in about two days. The summer heat of the Middle East should be at least bearable and by the time October arrives the conditions will be comfortable for running and sight-seeing.


One response to “Ibri Again

  1. Wow ! You really have adventure in your heart ! Would love to see more posts of ibri

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