Two Practice 5Ks

For seasoned runners doing 5K (3.1 miles) may be a warm-up jog or a short sprint, but for beginners it can be a challenge.  I keep reminding myself that running (jogging) should be fun and beneficial. The idea of “no pain – no gain” is pointless at my age. After all, I am not training to be an Olympian. I am doing this to lose weight and be healthier.

Last week’s training approach with intervals and hills proved too much of a strain. My muscles and joints ached and I was exhausted after my workouts. The obvious conclusion – I am not ready for this type of demanding and strenuous workout.

This week’s training tactic was simpler – back to normal jogging and more enjoyment. I also decided to do two practice 5Ks to prepare for my second race in September. Thursday’s plan was to cover (run, jog, walk) 5K as fast as possible. My goal was to maintain a 7m/km pace. At the 3K mark I had to walk for 60 seconds, but still was able to finish this practice 5K in 35:33. Yesterday, my plan was to go the complete distance without stopping for a walk break. I didn’t push and just moved at a comfortable pace. Well, the pace may have been too comfortable because my time was 39 minutes.

Now, I have one more week to get ready for my second race. Using the data on my Garmin and the results of my two practice 5Ks, I hope to be able to find the correct pace so that I can finish the 5K without stopping as well as improve on my first race time.


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