Name Change

According to an in-depth report by CBC News, changing your name in Canada is a straightforward but detailed process. Changing your name requires filling out several application forms, time, and fees in some cases. In contrast to the real world, a virtual world name change requires just a few clicks of a computer mouse. No complicated forms or reasons are necessary. If you want you can change it every week or month. Changing the name of your website or blog involves little time and effort. Of course, frequent name changes will most likely result in fewer readers or confusion for readers.

My blog is fairly new and I have changed my name a couple of times in an attempt to find a suitable one. A name that relates to me and the blog is not that easy to find. Many of the names I felt were appropriate were already in use. So, I decided on old rural runner. Why? I live in a rural community and at 48 I am not exactly a young runner. Thus, I felt this would be an appropriate title, but I received some feedback suggesting that 48 is not really old and that old should not be used in my blog title.  In spite of this, I didn’t want to change my blog name.

Fast forward to my first race, I met a runner who is 70. She was much faster than me. Also, there were many runners in their 50s and 60s. The oldest runner in the race was 85. So, compared to the age of the other participants I was not an old runner. However, when I compared my time to the others I was slower, a lot slower. I considered changing my blog name to slow rural runner. I do not want to be a slow runner. I hope that over time I will become faster. Fast rural runner would be nice but fast does not in the least describe me.

In the end, I have decided on rural route runner because I live in the countryside and do most of my running (jogging) on a rural route in New Brunswick.


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