Finishing Last

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” John Bingham

In every race there is someone who finishes last. There is nothing wrong with finishing last. No matter what, the person who comes in last is still much faster that the people who didn’t have enough energy to enter the race. In spite of this, many people will shy away from entering a race for fear of finishing last. This almost happened to me. After reviewing the results from the previous years of RunNB races from across the province I knew that finishing last in my first race was almost certain. I considered not entering the race and worried that I would be last. So, instead of selecting an event closer to my home, I chose an out-of-town one just in case I finished last.

Well, the official results from my first race have been posted – I finished second last. Actually, I don’t mind. In all honestly, I was delighted to finish the race, especially ahead of the walkers considering I had signed up for the 5K race and not the 5K walk.

Now, when family and friends ask how I did in my first race, I answer with my time – 36.58 and encourage them to take up running. There is no reason to say I didn’t finish last or that I finished second last. I started running to lose weight and get in better shape not to win races. I am only racing against myself and not against the other runners.

In the end, finishing last is better than not starting.


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