Progress Takes Time

At first, I loved my new runner’s watch (Garmin Forerunner 305). It was great for timing, distance, pace, and calories. After a couple of weeks, I finally installed the training software on my computer to analyse my training results. It showed lots of fancy graphs, numbers and even my route. According to my Garmin, my pace places me in the slow jog zone and occasionally in the jog zone. I know I am slow, but I really thought I was running – not jogging! Now, I am not so sure that I love my Garmin. It is too honest!

Today, after the initial shock of discovering that I am a slow jogger, I realize that things could have been worse. I am grateful that my Garmin did not place me in the walker zone. I have also accepted that increasing distance, endurance and speed all require time; there is no magic formula.

Running is like learning a new language. When I started learning German, it took me forever to learn the numbers and some basic expressions. I worked endlessly studying German, but advancement was slow. Nonetheless, after a few months I was able to carry on a short conversation. Then my husband gave me a computer program – “Tell Me More” for German and I made steady progress. German suddenly seemed easy and I progressed rapidly. Today, I can speak fluent German.

Now, I hope my Garmin will help me improve my running in the same way technology helped me master German. I plan to use the training software to set up training schedules, workouts and monitor my improvements. I just need to remember that I didn’t learn German in a few months and I won’t become a runner in a few months. Real progress requires time.


One response to “Progress Takes Time

  1. I used Tell Me More for English learning. It is a great program. I hope your watch is useful for running.

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