Runner’s Watch

With its $439.99 price the Garmin Forerunner 410 at the local Sport Chek was out of my budget. Although great reviews online convinced me that I needed this device or something similar for running I was not about to hand over almost $500 (with tax) for this overpriced gadget. I was born frugal and spending my hard-earned money so easily was not my style.

Two days after calling the local Sport Chek to price the watch I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I needed to have a look at it in spite of its hefty price. So, I drove to the shop to have a look. After all, you can look at something without buying it. Luckily, as I stood there admiring the watch and complaining about the cost at the same time, a young gentleman overheard my conversation. He suggested I buy a runner’s watch on e-Bay. He said there were plenty of choices at more reasonable prices. Why hadn’t I thought of this?

The next morning after my run I went online and found a selection of runner’s watches to choose from. Further research on different websites convinced me that the Gamin Forerunner 305, an older version of the 410, was adequate for me. The final price of $163.85 (tax included) and free shipping on was in my ball park. I made my first online purchase.

I checked the mail every day waiting for my new watch. Finally, it arrived and I tried it out immediately. I have used it several times and I absolutely love it. The watch tracks everything – pace, distance, heart rate, etc. It stores the data which can be transferred to a laptop for careful analysis. Actually, I haven’t spent a lot of time doing this yet.

I also use the Forerunner 305 for biking. However, instead of ordering the Garmin bike mount for $20 I made my own using some scrap material I found in the garage.

My Garmin is great for tracking distance and time. I now know how far and fast (more accurately – how slow) I am running (moving). In the end, this is my latest strategy to improve my distance and time.


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