Why I love to Run

For years I believed that running was for super fit athletes. It was not for average people like me. When I was in university I started running as part of a weight lose program and it worked. However, I remember having several aches and pains in the process. I had shin splints, sprained ankles, and pulled muscles. I was constantly nursing some type of injury that I associated with running. In the end, I gave up running and maintained my weight via tennis, swimming, and less strenuous sports. I avoided jogging/running like the plague.

Suddenly, a few months ago, I decided that I was going to give running another try. I wasn’t quite sure how to get started but I knew I would have to start slowly and not push myself too hard. Looking back I am sure this is why my first experience with running 25 years ago resulted in one injury after another. This time would be different. I began by alternating walking and jogging for short distances. After a few weeks of this, I started the Couch-to-5Km running plan on the Cool Running website. This plan provided the structure I needed to stay focused and fall in love with running.

Here are ten reasons why I love to run:

  1. I can run alone – I don’t need a partner.
  2. I can set my own pace and schedule – I can run as slow as I want and whenever I want.
  3. I have lost weight – 2 kilograms without dieting.
  4. I have toned muscles and less cellulite – or at least I believe this.
  5. I have more energy.
  6. I sleep better on the days I run.
  7. Running is cheap – no special equipment required (sneakers only).
  8. Running is a great way to discover my neighborhood.
  9. Running is healthy – increases metabolism and makes me feel better.
  10. Running is easy – just start slow and gradually increase distance.

Running has become an important part of my life. For now, I run every second day. On non-run days I do some other physical activity such as biking, yoga, step aerobics or walking. To be honest, running is still much harder than other sports but it is enjoyable and more challenging. Actually, it becomes a little easier every time I lace up my sneakers. I am hooked on running. It is addictive and I can’t imagine not running.


One response to “Why I love to Run

  1. Like your Top 10 Reasons!

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