C25K Graduate

This morning at 6:00 I headed out for my final session of the C25K plan, only to have my final day interrupted by a downpour.  After completing the first eight weeks of this program in the desert heat of Oman, dealing with an early morning shower, should have been a nice change. However, it wasn’t. I wasn’t ready to run in the rain. I sat on the veranda and watched the rain come down in buckets. Luckily, this only lasted about 15 minutes and the rain changed to a gentle rain for about 20 minutes and finally to a light drizzle. Still I couldn’t bring myself to step off the veranda.  

After 8 weeks of getting up and running at 5 in the morning to avoid the sun, I was back in my homeland waiting for the sun to run. Reality check, it could rain for hours, or even worse for 2 or 3 days and then what would I do. 

I was so close to the finish line how could I not do my run this morning? So what if I get wet!  My clothes will dry. I must go on.  I completed my warm-up and ran for the first time in the rain.  Yes, I got pretty wet.  

The good news – I’m a C25K graduate!


One response to “C25K Graduate

  1. Congratulations on completing c25k. I am planning on starting myself.

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