Rushing to the Airport

Today is about great news! First of all, I got up at 5 this morning and did my usual warmup and ran for 30 minutes straight.  Yes, 30 minutes without stopping.  The idea of running non-stop for more than 5 minutes was impossible a few months ago. I am amazed that I have  made it this far.

Not only this, I am so glad I didn’t listen to anyone and just went ahead and started this crazy program on my own. When I first told my friends they all seemed to think it would be impossible to run in the Middle East. They had some pretty valid reasons –  too hot,  sand storms, too much traffic, not appropriate for the Omani countryside, no women’s gym in small towns, and of course women don’t run on the streets.

I must admit a 48 year-old women running down a side road in rural Oman in the early evening does stand out like a  sore thumb.  I did get noticed and comments were made.  Many drivers stopped and wanted to give me a lift. I explained I needed the exercise and they continued on their way. All this unwanted attention made it difficult to keep track of the running intervals so I switched to early mornings when the locals were fast asleep.  This was a smart move on my part.

The second and most important news for today is I am off to Muscat.  After 8 months on the road, the last 4 in Oman,  I am heading home to cooler temperatures in Canada. I am so excited to be going home. I will take a day off and then I will do the last two days of the  C25K plan.  I can see the finish line.


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