Waiting for Results

I just completed week 8 of C25K this morning. The running has been great. I feel like I have made huge progress but the extra pounds seem to be hanging around. I have also been doing my best to eat healthy food. I no longer drink soda pop and have even reduced my intake of sweets. (This has been a challenge as I have always loved chocolate, cookies and anything sweet.) I currently weigh about 132 lbs. My goal weight is 54Kg (118 lbs) or a little less. Yet, in spite of my running and healthy food choices I still have not dropped the extra pounds.

What is going on?

In order to stay on track, I have come up with an answer. Many of the people who have had great weight loss during the C25K program were considerably heavier than me at the beginning so they could see the results quicker. After all, I only need to get rid of 12 to 20 extra pounds. Many people would agree that the last 10 to 20 pounds are the hardest to lose and require more time. I guess what I am trying to say is that if I continue to run the results will show up on the scales at a later point down the road. I just need to keep running and be patient.


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