Running Data – May 2015

Running seems to be work without progress at the moment. Almost every day in May, including the weekends, I wanted to skip my morning run. Yet, most days I stumbled out of bed at 5 in the morning, got dressed and made my way through the construction site that surrounds my home. Road construction projects have been part of the landscape in Nizwa since I arrived here in October 2013.


Sometimes I have the impression that roads are built, dismantled and built again. Incidentally, Oman appears to have an endless supply of money in the budget for road construction.

Every workout in May was 5K (3.1 miles) on the same route. Here is a brief description, along with some photos. I walked ten minutes to warm up and then I had to deal with a mini-obstacle course, jumping over rocks, garbage, shovels and various other objects for about a half mile before eventually finding myself on a service road that is no longer busy in the morning because all the traffic is speeding down the completed part of the new highway.

It never ceases to amaze me how the locals always spot me running, or more accurately waddling down the service road, in spite of their speed. Many of them even take the time to greet me with a long obnoxious toot of the vehicle horn. I ignored this and continued on my way wondering if I would collapse from heat exhaustion or die trying not to inhale the filthy dust that constantly lingers in the air from construction and summer sand storms.

Some days I slowed to a walk and on others I would walk thirty seconds after a few minutes and as a result my time ranged from 33 to 36 minutes on most outings.


Overall, May was not exactly a great month for running due to the construction, dust and unbearable heat. Several days in May  the midday temperature approached 50 C and to make life really miserable water and electricity services were also interrupted.


I am glad May is finished, but I know that June will be a challenge to force myself out the door for some exercise. According to the Times of Oman the country will experience a long and hot summer. The good news is I have five weeks left before heading home.  If the weather and my body cooperate then I will aim for 3 or 4 comfortable 5K runs per week.

My running days in the desert are drawing to a close and I am looking forward to running along the rural roads of my homeland, away from all the distractions and inconveniences of the Middle East.

Running Data – April 2015

 My April goal was to run 5K (3.1miles)  two or three times a week and do a four mile (6.4K) run on the weekend.  I also wanted to keep my time under 35 minutes for 5K. Well, this plan didn’t pan out. I skipped a few runs in April because the weather was extremely unpleasant. It was unseasonably hot, windy and dusty for almost the entire month.  Additionally, I struggled to stay under 36 minutes on most days. 


By mid-April, I concluded that it was too hot in the afternoon and early evening to exercise outdoors, so I started getting up at 5:00 in the morning and exercising before for work. Although I prefer morning workouts I don’t like the idea of heading out the door before dark. It is still dark when I start my warm up and by the time I finish the sun is shining.  However, this change didn’t have a big impact on my workouts.

In reality, the actual temperatures in April were very similar to those in March, so maybe it was the dust that slowed me down. Of course, my advancing age could also be slowing me down.

Temperatures ranged from 88° F (24°C) to 96° F (36° C). The average temperature was 88°F (31°C).

Temperatures ranged from 75° F (24°C) to 96° F (36° C). The average temperature was 88°F (31°C). This was only slightly warmer than in March.

 I am a little discouraged with my running statistics for April, but May is a new month and I will continue to work on doing 5K in less than 35 minutes.

Running Data – March 2015

Although March was a very busy month at work I managed to stay on schedule with my training. My goal was to run 5K (3.1miles)  two or three times a week and do a four mile (6.4K) run every Friday and I did this.  I also recorded the  temperatures before going out for my runs.  On days when the temperature was above 85° F (30° C)  I was tempted to stay at home, but  I refused to use the weather as an excuse not to run. 

Looking over the running data for March  it appears that the temperature did not make a huge  difference on my pace – I am pretty slow no matter what the weather conditions are.  The average temperature for March was 85.7° F (30° C) and my average pace was 11:26 per mile. During the last week and a half when the mercury slipped above 90° F (32° C) I needed to walk more, but after these short walking pauses,  I was able to increase my pace a little, so that my overall time remained between 35 and 36 minutes for 5K.


I know that April will be slightly hotter than March, but I am going to follow the same running schedule. Additionally, I would like to try to cover 5K in less than 35 minutes on a regular basis. This will not be easy, but I feel motivated enough to push myself a little harder to reach this goal.